The art colony Thrive 2023, which takes place in the tourist center of Brzeće from September 1st to 8th, on the topic of air pollution, gathered many young artists and one of them is already established painter Julija Stojanović from Leskovac.

Julija Stojanović with a degree from Belgrade University FASPER is dedicated to working with children with special needs, cultivating a philanthropist in her. She has behind her several thousand volunteer hours at creative workshops, as well as several approved and successfully implemented innovative projects approved by the Ministry of Culture, which were crowned with exhibitions of her works.

It was only in 2008 that she began to open up to the world using the pseudonym Jully JullyArt. As a self-taught artist, she perfected her painting work by introducing her to various techniques, from charcoal, pyrography (drawing with fire on wood), acrylic to her greatest love for oil paints, which she remains faithful to today.

She applies the technique of the old masters by underpainting, where the divine color of the transparency of oil paints is reflected in her work.

Her interest in fine art works is constantly increasing, as well as the sale of paintings, which are owned by collectors throughout Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, Austria, Hungary, Spain, Australia, Slovenia, Greece, Romania. She can boast that in these fifteen years, about a hundred of her works have found their way to their owners. Academic artists often ask her how she sells her artwork, but she believes that it’s all about the energy she emits in her work, which is filled with immense love for painting.

She excels at working outdoors as well as various speed painting competitions. She can boast of live performances in painting in Serbia and abroad, and she is a participant in several art colonies.

She is the winner of the first place award for art work of the Hanami Association by the Japanese Embassy in Serbia.

She has a fantastic artistic emotion and is extremely talented, it can be said that her paintings have a soul. She exhibited her works both at domestic and international exhibitions. She currently lives and creates in Belgrade.

Collective exhibitions:
– Dev9r multimedia festival, Ciglana club of heavy industry fans Belgrade 2015.
– XIV certamen de PINTURA rápida al aire libre in Alcala De Henares, Madrid 2016.
– Union of Serbs in Romania, Timisoara in 2018 and 2019.
– Cultural Center Vlada Divljan, Belgrade 2019.
– Ušće shopping center, Belgrade 2022.
– National Bank of Serbia, Belgrade 2022.
– King Peter’s House, Belgrade 2022.
– Speed painting competition and exhibition sale Belgrade 2022.
– Association Serbian – Japanese friendship “Hanami” Vršac, winner of the first prize in 2022.
– Podgorica UMNCG, Montenegro 2023.
– PREMIER Istanbul 2023.

She said about the art colony Thrive 2023 in Brzeće:

It is my pleasure to be part of the Thrive 2023 art colony on Kopaonik with the hot topic that surrounds us. Although we were taught that the air has no color, it is more often literally visible to the naked eye, and this is an alarm that we must wake up to and respond to for the sake of new generations.

As an artist, this theme is inspiring enough for me to change the color of the blue sky into something that does not represent the coming storm, but the impact of man on nature. And so the flood of transparency of oil paints on my painting canvas bursts out inviting you to stop and wonder what the price is.

The organizers of the art colony Thrive 2023 in Brzeć are Dr. Techn. Vesela Tanasković Gassner, climate scientist, Dr. Aleksandra Miric, artist and conservator and B.Sc. Eng. of architecture Mara Tanasković.

Art colony Thrive was organized thanks to Ski Sun and Fun Kopaonik – apartments located 100 m from Gondola Brzeća – Mali Karaman, who were the biggest supporter and the only sponsors for now!

On the final day of the art colony Thrive 2023 in TC Brzeće, on Friday, September 8, an exhibition is planned, while you can follow the events via the Ski_sun_and_Fun_Kopaonik Instagram profile.