When you are in Brzeće, take the time to visit the Jelovarnik Waterfall site, which covers the southeastern part of the Kopaonik National Park. The waterfall can be reached from Brzeće by turning right at the Mramor pass, near the monument, and continue on the local macadam road that leads to the waterfall, which is about 4.5 km away from the Mramor pass. This road also leads to the Zaplanina mine.

On the way to the waterfall, you pass through the village of Čelići, the only village in the territory of the national park, whose population is exclusively engaged in cattle breeding and fruit growing.

Moving on a macadam road, you will come across signs that lead you to the Jelovarnik Waterfall with a notice of how long it takes to walk.

Even after a short walk, you reach a well-maintained path, on the right side of the road, about 150 meters long, which leads to the Jelovarnik Waterfall.

The Jelovarnik waterfall is formed on the Zaplaninska river, which springs at the foot of the Heavenly Chairs. The waterfall is of a cascading type and during heavy rainfall it turns into one whole, a large waterfall 82 meters long. The water is crystal clear and is an imposing sight with the sun’s rays breaking through the dense beech forest.

The Jelovarnik site is a natural monument and is strictly protected from all activities. The most lush beech forest on Kopaonik has developed in this reserve, so some trees are 30-35 m high and over 1 m thick. Also, here you can see the mountain maple, glacial relict and endemic of the Balkan Peninsula.