Brzeće 09.02.2023. Ski tracks Bela reka 1 and 2 are in operation as well as the Brzeće – Mali Karaman gondola, so the Kopaonik ski center is operating at full capacity.

The Bela Reka 1 and 2 ski tracks together make up the longest track in the Kopaonik ski center, about 3.5 kilometers long with a height difference of almost 900 meters. Bela reka 2 belongs to the category of the steepest trails and is recommended only for skilled skiers, while the ski trail Bela reka 1 is much easier.

foto:Miloš Živanović

For this season, the Ski Resorts of Serbia have built a system for artificial snow on the tracks Bela reka 1 and Bela reka 2, which follow the gondola Brzeće – Mali Karaman.

With the opening of these trails, skiers will have the opportunity to use the gondola that connects Brzeće and the center of the ski resort to its full capacity, and all those staying in this weekend resort at the foot of the mountain will be able to ski down to their accommodation.

The working hours of the cable cars in the Kopaonik ski center are from 9:00 a.m. to 4:30 p.m., except for the Gvozdac, Krčmar BMW installations and the Brzeće – Mali Karaman gondolas, which operate until 4:00 p.m.
photo: Miloš Živanović