Brzeće, 12/02/2021 Today, the Prime Minister of the Republic of Serbia, Ana Brnabić, attended the commissioning of the newly built gondola that connects Brzeće with Mali Karaman on the top of Kopaonik, the first completed project from the “Serbia 2025” Program, in the construction of which the Serbian Government invested 27 million euros.

Brnabić estimated that the commissioning of this gondola will mean a lot for the locals of that area, considering that they get a completely different perspective of development.

The gondola on Kopaonik is already the second to be opened in the last month, two, the Prime Minister mentioned, pointing out that the total investment for those two projects is 40 million euros.

She said that despite the pandemic, investments in the tourist infrastructure of Serbia will continue, noting that some of the planned projects are the “revival” of Golija and Stara Planina, where there is a hotel, but there is not enough infrastructure.

The Prime Minister said that one of the projects was the arrangement of the Ovčar-Kablar gorge, which began to be done in parallel with the construction of the highway to Požega.

Serbia is making its way as a tourist destination and it is good that we are investing in parallel with the fight against coronavirus. When the pandemic passes, we will have additional contents to offer to both domestic and foreign tourists, and we will have a competitive advantage in that, the Prime Minister emphasized.

She expressed hope that it will be possible this year, and it is certainly certain that it will be in 2022, pointing out that the project for the construction of this gondola was completed five months before the deadline.

The Prime Minister said that people were already on Kopaonik unrelated to the gondola and that no one was infected with the coronavirus while skiing, but in cafes, which is why the inspection supervision in catering facilities was increased.

After addressing the media, Brnabić took a ride on the new gondola, and the Minister of Trade, Tourism and Telecommunications, Tatjana Matić, the Minister of Economy, Anđelka Atanasković, and the director of the Ski Resort of Serbia, Dejan Ćika, also attended the commissioning of this cable car.

Matić expressed satisfaction that this project was successfully completed before the planned deadline, announcing the continuation of investments in the tourist infrastructure.

She assessed that the gondola during the pandemic, as one of the biggest investments in tourism, restores optimism and hope that the recovery of tourism is possible and that it will happen quickly.

The Minister said that in the biggest crisis, Serbia has shown that it has the strength and that it is ready to respond to the challenges with a successful vaccination against coronavirus, which is a precondition for the survival of the tourism sector.

When we successfully complete the immunization, projects such as this gondola will contribute not only to the development of Kopaonik, but also to the entire municipality of Brus, and we believe in much more intensive tourist activity during the summer, which our most famous mountain center lacked, said Matić.

According to her, the gondola will provide an opportunity for farmers and businessmen in the area to develop their business, and for young people to see their future here.

She pointed out that the line ministry invested 125 million dinars in the development of tourism in this destination from 2015 to 2020, of which 100 million dinars were invested in the development of the ski center.

The Minister announced the continuation of investments in Kopaonik as a tourist destination, specifying that the efforts of the state, along with the efforts of businessmen, have contributed to the increase of tourism by 33% in the last few years.

Matić pointed out that 2020, despite the pandemic, was great for Kopaonik and that a record attendance was recorded, noting that last year there were 105,000 tourists on that mountain, which is an increase of 23% compared to 2019.

The data show that when you plan a destination, you work on infrastructure and everyone does their job responsibly, and crisis situations can be an opportunity for growth, which Kopaonik showed, she concluded.

The Serbian government has invested 27m euros in the construction of the gondola, and work began in June last year.

The gondola, whose length of the route is 3,741 meters, overcomes the height difference of 843 meters and from Brzeće to the top of Kopaonik will be reached in a little more than 12 minutes.

The capacity of the gondola, which has 74 cabins with 10 seats each, is 1,600 people per hour, but it is designed so that it is possible to increase the number of cabins to 111, and the number of transported passengers to 2,400 per hour.
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