Brzeće 26.07.2021. Last weekend, the mountain car race “Brus Brzeće 2021” was held on the track Đerekare – Mramor, organized by the Sports Auto Karting Association of Serbia, reports the portal After two runs in the general classification, Uroš Brkić celebrated in front of the second-placed Momir Subotić, and the third-placed Aleksa Radojković.

The morning part of the day was a sign of technical and verification, which was passed by 36 competitors, and after that training in order for individuals to get acquainted with the track, but also those who already know it to renew tracks and brake benchmarks, ie timely gear changes. Uros Brkic achieved the best time in the first training, and Momir Subotic was the best in the second.

In class 1, the fastest in both races was Nikola Mišić in the competition  out of 14 competitors. Petar Miloradović was once again unrivaled in the Hybrid class and thus came one step closer to another title of champion, which leads to the Golden Helmet. There were no competitors in class 3.

Class 4 was marked by Dragan Lukić and Dejan Vukić. Lukić was faster in the first run, and Vukić in the second run, so that the first place went to Vukić. Milos Stevanovic celebrated in class 5 in front of Dragan Gagi Filipovic. Mario Zahirović was the only one and the fastest in class 6. Dejan Dženinks Ilić routinely celebrated in class 7. Uroš Brkić was the fastest in class 8, and there were no competitors in class 9. Momir Subotic celebrated in class 11 with an extremely attractive competition device.


General: 1. U. Brkić, 2. M. Subotić, 3. A. Radojković

Class 1: 1. N. Mišić, 2. M. Nikolić, 3. M. Mitić

Class 1 juniors: 1. 1. N. Mišić, 2. M. Nikolić, 3. Mi. Nikolic

Class 2: 1. P. Miloradović, 2. M. Mirković. 3. P. Jovanović

Class 4: 1. D. Vukić, 2. D. Lukić, 3. S. Hrkić

Class 5: 1. M. Stevanović, 2. D. Filipović, 3. B. Gajić

Class 6: 1. M. Zahirović

Class 7. 1. D. Ilić, 2. Ž. Milic

Class 8: 1. U. Brkić, 2. A. Radojković, 3. D. Balačikić

Class 11: 1. M. Subotić, 2. E. Ujkanović