The new ski season on Kopaonik will begin with the traditional Ski opening, which was announced for the period from December 3 to 6, 2020. With numerous novelties, the upcoming winter season on Kopaonik will fulfill the expectations of all visitors and fans of snow sports.

“What will make skiers especially happy are the three new trails they will enjoy, and the construction of the Brzeće – Mali Karaman gondola, which is the most important project for Serbian tourism, is being accelerated. Despite large investments in ski infrastructure, construction of gondolas, expansion of the number of ski slopes and a new control system, Ski Resorts of Serbia will not change the prices of ski passes this season. There are also numerous discounts that will be approved in pre-sale, but also during the ski season itself. Skiers and boarders are provided with the opportunity to get their ski pass online, completely contactless in a quick and easy way, and enjoy the entire winter season on Kopaonik. In addition, it is possible to contactless ski passes through pickup boxes that will be located in ski centers, but also in Belgrade. From year to year, Kopaonik is an increasingly attractive destination for domestic and foreign tourists, as evidenced by last year’s record, when between six and seven thousand skiers were recorded on the slopes every day during the winter months. This information speaks in favor of the attractiveness and development of the destination, which is why Kopaonik can be found side by side with ski resorts in Europe, “said Dejan Ćika, director of the Ski Resort of Serbia, on the occasion of the opening of the season.

Pre-sale of ski passes through the web shop starts on November 15, when all those interested will be able to buy tickets with a 15 percent discount. The pre-sale with this discount will last until November 30, after which the discount that the Ski Resorts of Serbia used to give in the terms when the Expo Winter fair is held will start. The continuation of the “fair” discount of 10 percent starts from December 1 to 10.
After this period, skiers will have the opportunity to buy tickets with a 5 percent discount only through the web shop until the end of the season.