The pioneers and skiers of SC “Bela Reka” Brzeće started the new competitive season in the Italian ski resort Sexten, where they rode giant slalom and slalom.

On the first day of competition at the “Criterion of First Snow” race in the category of older cicibans, Lazar Smiljanić was third, while the next day he was faster, taking second place.

On the first day of the competition (December 21), the pioneers raced giant slalom, and on the following day (December 22), they tried their hand at slalom for the first time.

Mihajlo Miljković – 3rd place (GS) i 4th place (SL)

Lana Lukač – 6th place (GS)

Vuk Krečković – 5th place (SL)

After the New Year holidays, the pioneers continued their preparations in Austria, where they are looking forward to new races.
MD, photo:SK “Bela Reka”