The Thrive art colony will be held in the tourist center of Brzeće in the period from September 1 to 8, 2023 on the topic of air pollution in Serbia.

The participants of this art colony are young artists, scientists and eco-activists from Serbia and abroad who will meet in order to raise awareness about air pollution and the positive changes that art can bring – through the fusion of science, art and activism.

With the opportunity to create new works of art with deep social significance, artists will have interactive lectures and debates with scientists from Serbia such as respected prof. Dr. Anđelka Mihailov from the University of Novi Sad, prof. Dr. Vladimir Đurđević from Belgrade University, but also from around the world – with scientists from IIASA “The International Institute for Applied Systems Analysis”, TU Vienna, and activists from China, but also from Serbia, such as Extinction Rebellion Serbia. Together, they will create informed masterpieces that raise awareness of the importance of protecting the environment and air as its inseparable part.

An exhibition of works at the monument on Mramor is also planned on September 8 at noon.

The organizers are Vesela Tanasković Gassner, Ph.D., climate scientist, Aleksandra Miric, Ph.D., artist and conservator, and B.Sc. Eng. of architecture Mara Tanasković.

The art colony Thrive was organized thanks to Ski Sun and Fun Kopaonik – apartments located 100 m from the Gondola Brzeća, who were the biggest supporter and the only sponsors for now! Ski Sun and Fun Kopaonik is trying to bring the concept of sustainable tourism to the population and restaurateurs, so on Earth Day on April 20, they organized a nature clean-up in Brzeće.

Most of the lectures during the colony will be LIVE on the Ski Sun and Fun Kopaonik Instagram profile and later available on-demand on their channel.

Follow the links and live to learn more about this inspiring event that combines creativity and activism!